whatsapp marketing

When you think of social media, websites like Facebook and Twitter likely come to mind immediately but increasingly messenger apps are being used for marketing.
World’s most popular messaging app is WhatsApp (a pun on the Phrase”what’s up”), with 1.5 billion active users across the globe.That sort of market penetration can’t be dismissed.

But most important thing is that how effectively you use WhatsApp for your marketing? Like all comparatively unexplored frontiers, there are equivalent measures of risk and reward for early adopters. Here’s our marketer’s guide to WhatsApp.

Why should you use WhatsApp for company?

The best reason to utilize WhatsApp for business is that many of Your customers are probably already using it. Over 60 billion messages are routed through WhatsApp every single day. Surprisingly, users of WhatsApp and comparable services are Willing to engage with businesses.

Based on Nielsen's Facebook Messaging Survey, 67 percent of mobile messaging app users stated they expect to use chat more for communicating with businesses during the next two decades. What's more, 53% of respondents say they are more likely to shop with a company they can message directly.

Likely to be comfortable with messaging apps for their day-to-day communication. A study by Pew Research Center shows that 42 percent of smartphone owners between 18 and 29 years old utilize messaging apps like WhatsApp, compared with only 19% of smartphone owners who are 50 or older.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp have unbelievable Engagement speeds: 98 percent of mobile messages have been opened and read, with 90% of them getting opened within 3 seconds of being obtained.
WhatsApp may already be an Integral way for your audience to share Content via dark social–a word to describe when folks share content through personal channels such as email or chatting applications like WhatsApp, as opposed to more public networks like Facebook.
Takes place on private stations like messaging apps, so even when you're not using WhatsApp to advertise your company, your prospects are likely using it to expand your content's reach already.

WhatsApp marketing Strategies and tips

Since WhatsApp doesn’t sell ad space or have any Business-specific features (yet) that you must be innovative in your marketing approach. While WhatsApp differs in its own reach and features than Other messenger apps, it’s important to come up with your WhatsApp strategy alongside your general messaging app marketing strategy.

There are a Couple of limitations you Want to address when Developing your WhatsApp marketing plan. First of all, there is not any such thing for a business account, so if your manufacturer is generating an account it faces the same constraints as any other user.

Since every WhatsApp accounts is tied directly to one Cell phone number–and you can only message with up to 256 WhatsApp consumers at once–it isn’t a good choice for large-scale, one-to-many marketing. So your chances of success are greater when you use its constraints to your advantage.

Bear in Mind that, like other mobile messaging services, part of The ability of WhatsApp is that it’s tied to our telephones, which are inclined to appear more personal to us than our computers–they are not shared and we take them anywhere. Therefore any marketing campaigns you tackle should reflect (and respect) the private aspect. This is where customers interact with their friends, so confidence and creativity is key.

Produce a new Persona to chat with users and build buzz

When Absolut Vodka started their Limited Edition Absolut Unique bottle collection in Argentina WhatsApp was a natural place to attempt to build buzz, because 84 percent of the country’s mobile phone users are on the app at the time when you are promoting your brand. For the launching they made a decision to sponsor a very distinctive party. The catch? There were just 2 invitations available to the public. Anyone wanting to win these tickets needed to utilize WhatsApp to contact an imaginary bouncer named Sven and convince him to let them move. The campaign created over 1,000 unique graphics, movies, and Audio messages people made to
convince Sven, and built buzz locally.

Offer one-on-one to help and inspire new uses for a product

Hellmann’s at Brazil wanted to inspire people to think of So they encouraged people to their website to submit their phone numbers alongside an image of the contents of their refrigerator. They were then connected through WhatsApp with real chefs, who came up with a recipe using Hellmann’s and the other ingredients in their refrigerator. The outcomes? Of 65 minutes interacting with the brand, and 99.5 percent of them approved of this ceremony. The brand was so happy with the outcome from the Brazilian campaign, they rotate it out to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Offer discreet advice and service to high-value customers

High-end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur was using WhatsApp to provide their top clients updates on new arrivals and events at the brand’s stores for some time now. Customers can also ask advice from the privacy of the messenger services. The approach was really hot with VIPs that Agent Provocateur’s launched a similar WhatsApp advertising named Ménage à Trois for all customers last Christmas. WhatsApp users could invite an individual shopper to some group conversation with their spouse to discuss what they wanted for Christmas. While it was a small campaign–with 112 discussions taking Location –31 percent of those talks
resulted in shop visits and 61 percent transformed To traffic.